Jun 08, 2021

Cheyne R. Scott has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Garden State Bar Association. In addition to her current leadership as Co-Chair of the GSBA Labor and Employment Steering Committee, Cheyne was elected to serve a three-year term on the GSBA Board of Directors.

As the primary governing body of the GSBA, the Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and direction of the GSBA; interpreting the GSBA’s goals, methods and objectives, both to the legal community and the community-at-large; and providing continuity of experienced leadership.

The purpose of the GSBA is to assist African-Americans and other ethnic minorities in becoming an effective part of the judicial and legal systems. The Association seeks to advance the science of jurisprudence, improve the administration of justice, support initiatives designed to improve economic condition of all individuals, and eliminate discrimination and inequality based on racial, ethnic or sexual considerations. The GSBA establishes programs and projects to pursue, support and facilitate the implementation of these goals.

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