Practice Area Details

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

Our Firm has substantial experience in representation of plaintiffs' personal injury claims and litigation arising from accidents, medical malpractice and defective products and equipment.  Our staff provides the preparation, care and creativity needed to obtain maximum recovery for economic loss, disability, pain, suffering, death and diminished quality of life.

We represent the seriously injured and carefully screen and select cases in which the defendant caused significant injuries and/or death.  Our confident and aggressive litigation methods frequently generate substantial settlements.  When a case necessitates a court appearance, we prepare our clients to increase their comfort level and reduce the anxiety of testifying in court.

We are experienced in the preparation and trial of catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, paralysis, and the effects of untreated cancer.  In many cases, our clients are offered substantial settlements and avoid trial because defense counsel and insurance carriers respect the quality of our preparation, our willingness to proceed to trial in the absence of reasonable settlement offers, and our record with jury verdicts on behalf of our clients.

Based on our experience in serious personal injury litigation, a significant percentage of our practice is derived from referrals from other lawyers.  We also have extensive experience with structured settlements, providing long-term tax-free payments to our clients, protecting the sums recovered from loss.  In lieu of a structured settlement, we will work with your investment advisers to identify appropriate investment vehicles which will meet your future needs.