Tejal Forrar successfully defended a Demand for PIP Arbitration in Forthright for Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company by convincing the Dispute Resolution Professional that a patient’s knee surgery was not the result of the motor vehicle accident in question.  The claimant was an 18 year old male who was a back seat passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended.  About 1 year later, he had surgery to his knee and sought reimbursement from Allstate for all charges related to his knee injury.  Utilizing the patient’s treatment records, as well as his prior Examination Under Oath testimony, Ms. Forrar was able to establish that the claimant heard a “pop” in his knee while playing basketball 4 months after the accident.  This caused such significant pain that the claimant had to immediately go to the emergency room and seek treatment.  As Ms. Forrar emphasized, by this time, the claimant’s knee symptoms from the accident had resolved and he had little or no treatment to the knee from the time of the accident up to the basketball game.  The Dispute Resolution Professional agreed with Ms. Forrar’s position, finding that the knee injury and resulting bills were not caused by the subject motor vehicle accident.  The PIP claim against Allstate was dismissed in its entirety.

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