Ralph J. Lamparello, past President of the New Jersey State Bar Association (2013-2014), moderated a seminar entitled “Pursuing Truth and Justice:  An Examination of How Independent Courts and an Independent Media are Essential to Our Democracy.”  The event featured a panel of attorneys, journalists, and media professionals discussing the roles of journalists and the judiciary in light of current events, and the interplay between the two groups.

In addition, Ralph moderated and spoke at the seminar “So You Want to Become a Judge?” along with former partner of the firm, Hon. Peter F. Bariso Jr., A.J.S.C. and former chief counsel to governor Chris Christie, Thomas P. Scrivo.

Michael D. Witt spoke at “OPRA: Law and Practice” about the use and abuse of the Open Public Records Act, which gives citizens access to government records while safeguarding citizens’ personal information.

Joseph A. Lagana, partner of the firm and NJ Assemblyman, spoke at “Emerging Insurance & Liability Issues: Ridesharing and Self-Driving Cars.” The panel discussed the impact of new innovations in transportation technology on the insurance industry and insurance law, including the issue of who is liable in accidents involving ride-sharing services or autonomous vehicles.

Kenneth A. Porro shared his expertise on current events in land use and zoning in the “Hot Topics in Land Use” seminar. Among the topics discussed were conflicts between places of worship and zoning regulations, affordable housing, and the Time of Application rule.

Maria P. Vallejo was the moderator and a speaker at “Racism, Xenophobia, and the Algorithms: How Do the Results from Google and other Internet Search Algorithms Impact Society and the Law?” She and the panel discussed internet racism and the legal implications of racist search engine results.

Cheyne R. Scott was a speaker at “Becoming Mindful to Improve Lawyering and Life,” where she and the panel discussed how lawyers can benefit from the therapeutic technique of mindfulness, focusing one’s mind on the present and accepting internal and external experiences.

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