Peter L. MacIsaac, with the assistance of Ralph J. Lamparello and Ronald P. Botelho, recently settled a case on behalf of the plaintiff husband of a woman who was killed when an employee of Lakeside Environmental Consultants, Inc. fell asleep at the wheel of his company pickup truck and merged into oncoming traffic, colliding head on with her vehicle at 57 miles per hour.

Peter’s client is currently the Chairman and CEO of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission and suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He is almost completely paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. His late wife was the school nurse of New Brunswick High School and provided for a considerable portion of his medical care. Peter’s economist found that his client suffered a loss of approximately $6 million from the death of his wife.

Through thorough investigation and depositions, Peter demonstrated that Lakeside had knowingly hired the defendant driver in violation of company policy which prohibited giving driving privileges to employees exceeding certain amounts of accidents or moving violations. The driver had 5 accidents and 12 moving violations in the five years he had been driving before being hired. He was involved in another accident and incurred more violations while an employee of Lakeside, yet his driving privileges remained intact. Peter obtained emails and testimony which proved that the defendant driver was hired as a favor to the driver’s father, an employee of Lakeside’s customer, Jersey Central Power and Light.

Meanwhile, Peter’s adversaries neglected to obtain discovery and expert testimony of their own, despite the discovery period being extended five times. After their desperate motion to bar the plaintiff from presenting damages relating to his health was denied, faced with the prospect of going to trial against Peter’s extensive evidence that Lakeside’s willful negligence had caused considerable loss to his client, they agreed to an $8.6 million settlement.

This settlement was named #6 in New Jersey Law Journal's Top 20 Personal Injury Awards of the Year (between August 2015 and August 2016).

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