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John L. Shahdanian and Raymond J. Seigler obtain dismissal of $50 million lawsuit

John L. Shahdanian II, chair of the firm’s Employment Law Department, together with Raymond J. Seigler, obtained dismissal of a $50 million civil rights lawsuit brought against City of Hackensack Construction Official Joseph Mellone. The plaintiff, a commercial property owner, accused Mellone of improperly refusing to issue construction permits as part of a conspiracy with other City of Hackensack officials to discriminate against him on the basis of his Arabic heritage and his failure to raise certain political funds. In dismissing the complaint, United States District Court Judge Esther Salas agreed with the defense that the plaintiff failed to exhaust administrative remedies with regard to the non-issuance of the construction permit, and that the plaintiff failed to sufficiently plead his claims of discrimination and retaliation.