In a Hudson County jury trial, before the Honorable Lourdes I. Santiago, Martha D. Lynes obtained a dismissal of a motorist’s claim against her client.  Eight deliberating jurors found no cause of action against her client.   The plaintiff, supported by the testimony of three doctors--a chiropractor, a neurologist, and a radiologist--claimed injuries of a traumatically induced herniated disc and radiculopathy in her cervical and lumbar spine.  Plaintiff alleged that the injuries sustained may require future surgery.  Ms. Lynes presented testimony of a board certified neurologist to dispute these claims.  Ms. Lynes’s cross examination of the doctors was sufficient to persuade the jury to dismiss the claim based upon plaintiff’s failure to demonstrate that she suffered from a permanent injury and substantial, permanent loss of a bodily function, which is required to sustain the plaintiff’s claims.  The jury deliberated less than an hour in making their determination.

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