Practice Area Details

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is an important asset; in many cases, it may be your only asset.  In today’s globally-networked business world, it is also one of the easiest assets to have compromised.  Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo provides you with the expertise to protect your intellectual property in the areas of copyright, trademarks, trade secrets and unfair competition. 

From software developers to restaurant owners to screenwriters, the Firm provides its clients with advice on a broad spectrum of intellectual property issues, including:

• Copyright availability
• Copyright registration and recordation
• Copyright ownership, transfer and licensing
• Copyright publication and notice
• Domestic and international enforcement of copyright
• Copyright Fair Use Doctrine counseling
• Copyright clearance counseling
• Copyright infringement prosecution and defense
• Trademark and trade dress selection
• Trademark and trade dress usage
• Trademark registration and registration maintenance
• Trademark and trade dress protection
• Trademark and trade dress infringement prosecution and defense
• Software developer’s agreements
• Software licensing agreements
• Trade secret protection
• Intellectual property alternative dispute resolution