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Complementary Dispute Resolution

If you seek an alternative to “going to court,” look to Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo.  Our attorneys have in-depth experience in the areas of arbitration and mediation, forms of resolution known as Complementary Dispute Resolution (CDR).

Arbitration is a settlement technique generally quicker and less costly than a formal courtroom trial.  In the case of arbitration, a hearing officer (not a judge) hears your case and a decision is made without a jury.  While not all cases are appropriate for determination through arbitration, the attorneys atChasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo have the expertise needed to determine how and when to use arbitration to your best advantage.

Mediation is a voluntary process to resolve disputes through bargaining or settlement dialogue.  It involves the assistance of an impartial facilitator or mediator.  The mediation process is not binding but offers multiple and flexible possibilities for resolving a dispute and for the control you have over the resolution.

Along with representing our clients at arbitration and mediation, Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo attorneys regularly serve as arbitrators for court sponsored CDR, on private arbitration panels and in lawyer/client fee disputes.  The Firm is frequently appointed by judges of Hudson, Essex, Bergen and Passaic Counties, to act as Special Masters in complex and multi-party cases.  In addition,Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo attorneys are instrumental in the development and implementation of current CDR practices through participation in numerous bar association committees within this field.